About Us

We specialize in business consulting, business development, and offering the most amazing marketing incentives that helps businesses to increase more business equaling more REVENUE. We also offer the latest and most innovative ways to explore modern neo technology via the newest and most profitable campaign solutions around.

Our company has been in business for over 15 years with ZERO complaints. Due to our excellent reputation, honesty, and integrity, we are both registered AND accredited with the BBB (Better Business Bureau) with a perfect “A+” rating. See here.

Careers With FAA-Tech™

Whether you're experienced in business consulting, soft or hard sales, promoting, marketing incentives, fundraising, advertising, telecommuting, internet lead generation, referral lead generation, cold-calling, inbound/outbound, B2B, B2C, accounts, or strong management skills, there appears to be a career waiting for the ambitious, the focused, who are positive like-minded team players who have an ardent entrepreneurial spirit!

Marketing Director

The very best LGS shining like stars with their knowledge, expertise, education and passion.

Marketing Executive

Offering large and small businesses the most amazing marketing incentives ever seen!

Regional VP

Leading massive teams of AC's with an iron fist proving that they are natural born leaders!

Account Executive

Building and obtaining corporate accounts has become like second nature to Account Execs.